We’re Packative!

Packative was founded by entrepreneurs from different cultural backgrounds yet with the same vision to revolutionize the analogue packaging industry. With our own technology and experience, we are making steps towards the 4th industrial revolution. Putting customers as our priority, we are striving to make the package production process much easier and more convenient.

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Automated Technology

Making custom packages has never been easier. Our free 3D package editor enables you to complete the design within 10 minutes. Also, no need to wait to get your quote as it is calculated within 10 seconds through our algorithm. We value your time!

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Your Growth Partner

I always think about packages from the moment when I wake up in the morning! I am glad that I am a part of the business growths of our clients. I believe that Packative grows together with our clients.

– Mario, Sales & Production Lead

With my creative skills, I try out various styles of design. Facing challenges could be difficult, but I like the process of finding creative solutions. I pursue a meaningful design connected to the brand message, not just the visually attractive one.

– Elena, Graphic Designer

How We Work

Self Motivation

We value team members that actively seek for better ideas

Positive Impact

We value team members that make positive impact on others.


Everyone works professionally and works as one team.

Detailed Oriented

We believe that small details make a big difference.


We accept direct feedback as long as it is non-political.

We’re Hiring

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in Packative!