A small paper box that is elegant and simple to assemble, perfect for packaging small home decor products. Best for gifting someone soap or solid air freshener!


₩293,000 (excl. VAT)
Per pcs₩1,172
After placing the order and the final design confirmation the production time will take around 7 workdays.
Additional Shipping charges will apply on delivery!

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More about the cost calculation?

See here for more details and
calculation criteria included in the cost!

Included cost

The above cost includes a diecut tool, CMYK (full color) offset or digital print, coating, diecut and glueing. Choose the standard size to save diecut tool cost and even more! Please note that the shipping cost is extra.


All our prices are calculated with AB or also so called Royal Ivory paper. Our partners are FSC Certified and with this food grade paper you are totally on the safe side with any food products. Depending on the size & quantity we calculate with 300gsm or 350gsm.


Packages that require post-processing such as gold foil, silver foil, embossing, and debossing can also be produced by packative. If you request a custom quotation we will get back to you with an estimate inquiry quickly.

More customization options?

If you need other customizations like special box shapes or inner partitions, please request a custom quotation inquiry. We will quickly review it and contact you!

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Check How to Fold this Boxtype

Don’t know how to fold this kind box?
Don’t worry. Watch the video and follow along slowly!


Add a coated layer to prevent getting scratches or water stains on your package. According to the glossiness of your coating, the colors might come off differently. So please read through the descriptions to find the finish that matches your design.

Matte Coating

A go-to finish for the ones looking for a refined feel. A classic and widely-used type of finish that goes well with minimalistic designs, toning down the color to give the package a more sophisticated look.

Glossy Coating

A coating to make your colors pop. Gives your package a vibrant look that goes well with cosmetic or high-end products. The gloss goes extremely well with bold and popping package designs.

Soap box, a refreshing packaging for home decor

A customizable product box fit for packaging home decor or soap products. Soap boxes that are lightweight, easy to customize, and beautiful with digital printing. Make your products look more appealing with our customizable soap box.

Durable Material

Easy to set up

3D preview

CMYK printing

Free graphics

Small quantities


Easy order

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