Frequently asked

Can I use the mailer boxes to ship my products?

Yes. Our mailer boxes are made from sturdy cardboard that can withstand almost everything, and can be shipped as it is. This would be a perfect option to deliver your brand's identity to your customer's doorstep!

What's the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 50 pcs for paper boxes and 250 pcs for corrugated boxes. If the size is too small, the higher MOQ may be required.

How much are the shipping charges?

The shipping prices can vary depending on quantity, box size and destination. Please check here for the detailed prices. For bigger orders please make sure, that you can receive the orders with a forklift.

I want to put some food right inside the box. Is it safe to do so?

Yes, our paper is food certified and safe to use in direct contact with food.

How much is the Packative design service?

Design fees vary by the complexity of the design. Please see the details on our design service page. Packative offers more than 50% discount on design fee when you produce packages with us!

What is the difference between standard sizes and custom sizes?

Standard sizes are Packative products that no development cost is needed. If you cannot find suitable sizes, you can always use our custom size feature!

Is it possible to receive a sample before production?

Yes, it will cost 22,000KRW for an unprinted sample. If you produce packages though Packative, the sample fees will be waived.

Is it possible to produce packages with kraft paper?

Yes. You can select an Sustainable choice in 'Custom Setting'. If you can't find the option you are looking for, please send us 'Quotation'.