Packative user guideline for ai file

Ready to upload your final design?

Please look through the checklist down before you send the file over to us for production!


RGB is a color model in which red, green, and blue lights are added together to reproduce a wide array of colors.

CMYK is a color model in which Cyan, Magenta, Yello and Key(Black) colors are combined to reproduce colors for printing.

RGB is an additive color model where overlaps create brighter colors, whereas CMYK is a subtractive color model where overlaps create darker colors. Please be aware that the RGB color modeled files can be drastically different in colors if printed. CMYK files would also be a little darker in color if printed due to the lack of radiance on screen.

How to use Packative ai files

Please ’embed’ linked files on the illustrator. If you don’t embed the image, the linked image might not be eligible to be opened and can’t be processed.

After finishing your design work, please save your original file and then please apply ‘Outline stroke’ to prevent fonts from pixelating or changing.

Only files saved in PDF can be printed with Packative. Please make sure that  ‘Preserve illustrator editing capabilities’, ’embed page thumbnails’ and ‘create acrobat layers from top-level layers’ are checked.

Please work on your design based on the ‘전개도’ layer to determine where your design is going to be printed. But please be reminded to put all your designs on ‘내 디자인’ layer.

The ‘가이드’ layer consists of design tips. Please don’t remove the layers even if you are aware of the content.

Design requirements

Vector > Pixel

Vector files produce much higher quality printings than Pixel files. Please use high resolution images with 300dpi min.

Line thickness

Any line elements should have at least 0.5pt thickness.

Usage of Pantone colors and extra fees

Printing spot colours is possible, but there will be an additional charge. For more information please contact our customer center.

Font size

We highly recommend you to use font sizes over 7pt for better printing quality.

Please 'outline' text on illustrator

‘Outlining’ the text would vectorize all the text elements, preventing any font changing / pixelating issue from occuring.

Please embed every resource in file

Please ’embed’ every ‘linked’ image・vector sources on file while designing on illustrator.

Please leave margins

It is safe to leave at least 5mm of empty space on cutting lines or folding lines so that the important elements stay safe.

Bleed margins

Please set your bleed margins to 2~3mm to prevent any unwanted white lines or errors on your printing

Before you save your file

Before you ‘expand your texts’, please make a back-up file so that you can have chance edit your work or change fonts easily.

Please save as Adobe Illustrator file

Packative needs your designed file saved as an Adobe Illustrator file

File size

You can upload file sizes up to 50MB max. If your file size exceeds 50MB, please contact us via our customer center.